Answers to the 'True False' section:

1. False. Although some birds (like the Turkey Vulture) have an incredible sense of smell, the average bird has little or no sense of smell at all.

2. True. Even though female canaries do sing a little, it is only the males that have the long warbles that the canary owners love to hear.

3. False. At 25 lbs, the Mute Swan is the heaviest flying bird in Canada. The heaviest flying bird in the world is the Great Bustard which weighs in at over 35 lbs.

4. True. Hummingbirds can fly backwards.

5. False. The House Sparrow might be the most common 'wild' bird in the world, but the most common bird of all, is the chicken.

Answers to the 'Name these Birds' section:

1. The top picture is a Hairy Woodpecker. It looks very much like the Downy, but the Hairy is a larger bird and has a much longer beak.

2. The bottom picture is a Tree Swallow. A gorgeous little bird with iridescent blue-green upperparts, and bright white underneath.


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