Garden, before
When we bought our house in September 2007 it had a barren, empty backyard with lots of potential. The property is about 165 feet long (from the road to the back) and 33 feet wide, with about 100 feet of the length being backyard.
Patio, before Patio, after
We enlarged the patio area behind the house so that it covers about 25 x 25 feet (maybe slightly wider than deep) which left about 75 (x 33) feet for yard. Not huge by country standards but in town it's a nice large backyard.
Garden, with top soil Laying sod
There's very little topsoil here so it would have been difficult to plant anything but we wanted a yard that would attract birds so we brought in topsoil to cover the entire area, with extra around the perimeter for flower beds. We designed a neat curvy look for the garden area and laid sod on the rest of the yard.
Garden, June 2008
June 2008
Garden, August 2008
August 2008
Garden, Sept 2008
September 2008
Garden, August 2009
August 2009
Then we began planting and what a difference!! We did a lot the first spring/summer (2008) and added more last year. There are still a few more shrubs I'd like to add next (this coming) spring but then it's a matter of just letting it mature. We're really happy with how it's turning out and spend a lot of time sitting in our gazebo (one of those shelters you can buy at Canadian Tire) on our patio listening to and watching the birds and squirrels that come around.
Patio, final